300 ETH sale caps for Axie Infinity

The record-breaking sale is a cherry on top of Axie Infinity’s strong week and even stronger year 2020. Ads While a rally in the latter half of the week saw major names across the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem climb upwards of 100%, Axie Infinity — the Pokemon-inspired NFT game — carried the banner for the … Read more

ETH 2.0 Devs Ready enabled on all platforms

Developers working on Ethereum 2.0 have announced that they’re very close to the long awaited genesis of Beacon Chain. Ads The latest blog post from ConsenSys developer Ben Edgington suggests that things are getting very close to the highly anticipated launch of Phase 0 of Ethereum 2.0. The first part of this milestone event is … Read more

Kava CEO Brian Kerr: DeFi Will Escape Ethereum’s Dominance In 2021

DeFi will breakout of Ethereum’s grip due to current network issues, while the sector becomes even more cross-chained in nature, according to Kava CEO Brian Kerr. Ads CryptoPotato recently had the opportunity to interview Brian Kerr – the CEO of the DeFi project Kava. Built on Cosmos as a proof-of-stake blockchain, Kava allows users to … Read more

ETH price could move up to $ 420 if this critical level flips into support

ETH and the entire crypto market have been lacking momentum in recent days, with the aggregate market surging last week losing strength after Bitcoin reached the mid $ 11,000 zone. Ads Altcoin – which was recently able to break above $ 380 – has slipped below this level and may be in a slightly precarious … Read more

Vitalik Buterin urged users to move to Layer 2 scaling

Faced with recently inflated transaction fees, Ethereum’s founder and lead scientist, Vitalik Buterin, urged users of the second largest blockchain to move to scaling solutions “already available to us. many types of applications ”. Ads Buterin reiterated his enthusiasm for layer 2 scaling solutions, such as “rollups,” which basically means keeping transaction data on-chain while … Read more

These long-term indicators show that Ethereum “has never been any healthier”

The Ethereum network has been under strain in recent months, with the trend of decentralized finance (DeFi) going on fueling a huge demand for the network as traders begin to use non-exchanges. centralized (DEX) and provides liquidity for different protocols. Ads Although network demand has slowed as the frenzy around DeFi has declined, gas prices … Read more