Has Bitcoin price reached new all-time highs?

Bitcoin’s price has risen to new highs across many exchanges but it has yet to break December 2017’s all-time high at Coinbase. BTC price hit $ 19,873 on Coinbase yesterday (Nov. 30), breaking above $ 19,000 in an incredible rally. Although many in the crypto sector claim that Bitcoin has reached a new all-time high, … Read more

Bitcoin price sits at $ 15500 when there are many Bitcoin whales selling

Bitcoin whales sold the highest amount of BTC since March, which is a bullish sign for BTC price based on previous market cycles. The price of Bitcoin (BTC) has reclaimed $15,500 on Nov. 11 after whales sold the highest amount of BTC since March. In the past cycles, the dominant cryptocurrency typically rallied after a … Read more

Bitcoin Price Research Papers

Bitcoin’s price is very volatile. Bitcoin Price Study helps you learn about the important factors and the different factors that influence Bitcoin price. Have you ever rode the Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure? If you have, you might understand how it feels to HODL Bitcoin. Just recently in one-month Bitcoin’s price rose over … Read more

Why does the legal action against BitMEX and hacking KuCoin have no effect on Bitcoin price?

Everyone knows the BitMEX situation after CTO Samuel Reed was arrested on October 1. The implications of this are enormous, however, the traders’ perspectives give us a different perspective. OI on BitMEX decreased before the exchange was ‘touched’ by authorities. However, for now, the OI has decreased enough for its competitors to take its place. … Read more

Should put 5% of Bitcoin in your portfolio, Fidelity said

New research from Fidelity shows that Bitcoin is uniquely isolated from the movement of other asset classes and suggests how it fits into your portfolio. Bitcoin has been operating unlike any other investment asset available on the market for the past five years, operating almost entirely independently, according to financial services giant Fidelity. Fidelity Digital … Read more