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Another Nasdaq-Listed technology company


on Wednesday (May 5), MercadoLibre, Inc. (NASDAQ: MELI), the Argentinian company that operates marketplaces throughout Latin America, mentioned Bitcoin as part of its Q1 2021 earnings report. The Latin American e-commerce giant, which is headquartered in Buenos Aires, Argentina, said in the Form 8-K that it filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) […]

SEC Denies H๐lding Bitc๐in and Ethereum D๐cuments in XRP Case


The lawsuit between the Securities and Exchange C๐mmissi๐n (SEC) and Ripple c๐ntinues t๐ unf๐ld. In the latest twist ๐f events, the Securities and Exchange C๐mmissi๐n has appealed t๐ the c๐urt denying that it has any d๐cuments in its p๐ssessi๐ns pertaining t๐ Bitc๐in, Ethereum, and Ripple (XRP). Previ๐usly, Ripple firm was granted partial access by the […]

Hundreds of banks in the United States allow customers to buy and sell Bitcoin


Hundreds of banks in the US are reportedly set to start offering access to Bitcoin to their customers this year, thanks to a partnership between Fidelity National Information Services and the New York Digital Investment Group. Hundreds of banks signed up to join the program as they watched money move from bank accounts to crypto […]

The data shows a large gap between rich and poor in the Dogecoin market


DOGE continued its attack on the crypto market cap yesterday. This coin meme surpassed XRP to become the fourth largest cryptocurrency by potential market cap after climbing to a valuation of $ 0.69 – a target that was specifically set by traders on the media. social media. Relatively few people are moving large amounts of […]

LINK breakout, what’s next?


ChainLink (LINK) has risen since April 18th. It continues to hit a new all-time high (ATH) on May 5. LINK is close to reaching a critical Fib resistance level, which could trigger a rejection in the short term. Even so, the trend is considered bullish as long as the token is traded above the $ […]

Token Chainlink oracle, Band Protocol explodes and hits new highs


Chainlink’s market cap has risen almost 74% over the past month, from $ 29.50 to a new all-time high of $ 51.30. Such an impressive rally seems to have started after LINK broke above the symmetrical triangle on March 31. Based on the height of the triangle, Chainlink is poised to rise 79% towards the […]

QuantumScape Ticks Up After Diving on Short-Seller Report


QuantumScape says its stands by its data following a scathing report from activist short-seller Scorpion Capital. QuantumScape (QS) – Get Report rose Friday after the electric vehicle battery maker’s shares nosedived on the heels of scathing report from activist short-seller Scorpion Capital that branded the company as a “pump and dump SPAC” scam. Shares of […]

Bitcoin Mining Pools Negatively Impacted as Northwest China Undergoes a Complete Blackout


The hashrate of various Bitcoin (BTC) mining pools dropped due to the blackout impacting Northwest China. Pseudonymous Chinese reporter tweeting under “Wu Blockchain” explained: “The hashrate of Bitcoin mining pools plummeted in 24 hours. Antpools fell by 24.5%, fell by 18.9%, Poolin fell by 33%, Binance pools fell by 20%. The reason is that […]

Bitcoin Falls to $60K amid a Sharp Drop in Hash Rate and Turkey’s Crypto Payment Ban


After setting a new all-time high of $64,895 on April 14, Bitcoin fell to $60,811 for the first time today due to the decline in hash power of Chinese mining pools and the ban on cryptocurrency payments proposed by the Turkish government. Today, the Central Bank of Turkey proposed a new regulation banning the use […]

European Hedge Fund Firm Plans to Buy $84 Million Worth of Cryptocurrencies


Brevan Howard, a European hedge fund asset management firm, is planning to invest in cryptocurrencies. A person familiar with the sources revealed that Brevan Howard asset management company plans to invest 1.5% of its $5.6 billion hedge fund into cryptocurrencies, meaning that the firm would invest $84,000,000 into crypto assets. Brevan’s crypto fund will have […]