Why should you consider Ethereum even as a Bitcoiner

If you regularly follow the world of cryptocurrency, you probably understand how special Bitcoin is. Bitcoin is the industry’s first product that it creates. Bitcoin’s specialty is its complete decentralization, no leader, and very specific technical characteristics that make it more scarce than any other asset on earth. For these reasons, Bitcoin will play a … Read more

Expensive Bitcoin advice

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Interesting things about Bitcoin

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Why decentralization is vital to Bitcoin

We often refer to the concept of decentralization when it comes to Bitcoin, Dash or other cryptocurrencies, but how important is it? Why is decentralization so important? What proves that decentralization will be the next step in the evolution of networking technology? This article would like to share with you about the developments from politics, … Read more

What is Bitcoin: Asset, Currency, Commodity or Rare?

As I pointed out in my recent post on cryptocurrencies in general and Bitcoin in particular, I can assert my disagreement over the harsh criticism and sharp proposals surrounding this issue. . Contrary to Jamie Dimon, I do not believe Bitoin is a scam in which only fools buy and pay the price for their … Read more

What Makes Bitcoin Value?

The digital currency Bitcoin has received a lot of attention, regularly creating headlines, attracting countless investors to consider using it. However, bitcoin does not need to depend on a government or a third party such as banks. The value of bitcoin is difficult to determine. Perhaps many people will wonder: What makes bitcoin’s value? Basically, … Read more

Wise way to earn Bitcoin

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Bitcoin and Taxes

Taxes are a complicated matter with many rules for determining what kind of income is taxable, what is not, and which assets are subject to inventory. Meanwhile, the cryptocurrency and the government’s stance on it are equally complicated, leading many to question the relationship between Bitcoin and taxes. In the US, for example, you are … Read more

How to keep Bitcoin safe

Are you wondering about the Bitcoin accumulation process, and where can you store the money you make? After a period of investment and your budget, are you sure your money will be carefully secured for you to use when needed? The fact is, bitcoin is not “stored” anywhere. It is merely a digital currency, so … Read more