The Bitcoin price index signals a rise to $ 15K following the US election

A new report says Bitcoin has support to climb to $ 15K if historical trends repeat this year.

Compiled by crypto index fund provider Stack Funds on October 15, the report highlights Bitcoin’s market cap versus real capital ratio (MVRV) driving up momentum, possibly breaking resistance. $ 12K.

The report expects MVRV to “make a significant breakthrough”

Bitcoin has yet to break $ 12K, due to being rejected at $ 11,700 this week. However, that development does not detract from analyst optimism with a belief of $ 11,000 providing solid support.

Also, in the coming months, the period after the US Presidential election in early November could lead to more volatility.

For Stack Funds, this depends a lot on the MVRV rate, currently at 1.8, and there are signs that a 2.5 retest came out of 2019, when BTC / USD reached $ 13,800. The report states:

“The current MVRV rate is 1.8 and well supported by the trend line where Bitcoin bottomed out at the end of 2018. The trend is also drawing a similar trajectory as it happened during the 2017 bull run, in which dynamic The steady upward move has repeatedly tested the same support trend line. With strong support, we are expecting a significant breakout of 2.0 in the near term as it looks set to retest (retest) a 2019 high of 2.5, bringing Bitcoin price above $ 15K. .

MVRV is the metric invented by analysts Murad Mahmudov and David Puell, who are also the creator of Bitcoin’s Puell Multiple index. MVRV uses market cap versus real capital generated by CoinMetrics, to price Bitcoin more accurately than traditional market cap.

Since the end of 2018, MVRV has been in a wide uptrend and was only broken when assets plunged due to the Corona virus epidemic in March 2020.

Bitcoin MVRV Rate Highlights Uptrend | Source: Stack Funds / CoinMetrics

Organizers increased buying Bitcoin with a positive sentiment

Stack also notes a growing institutional interest in Bitcoin with a certain bullish future price sentiment.

Stone Ridge invested $ 115 million after Square bought $ 50 million, both of which were noticed by MicroStrategy’s more than $ 425 million investment.

Bitcoin futures OI is also on the rise this month, signaling an increase in institutional activity once again. The Stack report explains:

“We think repositioning is happening in the market with possible changes in this economic environment, as futures and OI volumes begin to recover. We watch key resistance at $ 12K, as we anticipate further consolidation around the current levels during the election and a subsequent bullish breakout. ”

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