Bitmain launches 50 MW cryptocurrency mining facility in Texas

The world’s leading ASIC manufacturer, Bitman, has launched a 50MW mining mine in Rockdale, Texas. The opening ceremony of the mining facility is critical to Bitmain’s global expansion plans.

According to Clinton Brown, Bitmain’s project manager Rockdale, “a stable and efficient energy source in Texas is an indispensable basis for the development of the cryptocurrency mining industry.”

According to the official announcement on Bitmain’s Twitter account dedicated to Antminer, the miner system is manufactured by Bitman:

“Bitmain has completed construction of a 50MW mining facility in Rockdale, Texas. The project aims to create more jobs for workers in the region, plan cooperation with localities to organize education and training on blockchain technology as well as operations of data centers. ”

Bitmain is on track to build the world’s largest Bitcoin mining facility. Bitmain’s official blog post revealed that the company will continue to build the 50MW facility, even expanding its capacity to more than 300MW. The project is billed as a milestone in the development of the mining industry, creating the largest Bitcoin mining base in the world.

Bitmain purchased power from the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), which operates the grid in Rockdale, Texas.

The blog further revealed:

“The two sides will work with the local labor committee, Rockdale MDD, on project development and the workforce at Rockdale mining facility. They will prioritize finding local suppliers in the town to support the data center construction. ”