Can XRP price reach $ 100?

A new Twitter poll conducted by Ripple fans nicknamed XRP_Cro reveals that the majority (72.4%) of XRP investors believe that the fourth largest cryptocurrency will rise above $ 100.

Source: XRP_Cro

A new poll that targets the XRP community and includes more than 1,000 participants found that 43% say they plan to sell some or all of their XRP holdings for around $ 100. 39% say they want to sell between $ 10 – $ 50, while the remaining 18% say they want to sell between $ 3 – $ 10.

On the question of which crypto assets they think will deliver the greatest return on investment (ROI) in the next bull cycle, 77.9% have chosen XRP, while 15.7% bet on the governing protocol. supply chain management VET. Bitcoin and ETH gained 2.9% and 3.5% of the votes, respectively.

When asked which crypto assets are their biggest holding other than XRP, 65% of respondents choose VET, while 27% choose ADA, 14% favor XLM, and only 4.1% choose ETH .


Source: XRP_Cro

The poll also highlighted that 94.3% of respondents consider themselves long term investors while only 5.7% prefer short term purchases. In terms of which psychology motivates their investments and transactions, 74.5% said that optimism and trust, as opposed to fear, accounted for 8.1% of the votes. 12.7% traded out of greed and 4.6% affected by anger and frustration.

Out of all the respondents, 42.9% said that XRP accounts for 100% of their crypto portfolio while 44.3% have staked 30% – 50% of their portfolio on XRP. . The remaining 12.8% require XRP to make up between 0% – 30% of their crypto portfolio.

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