What is Yield Farming?

The Decentralized Financial Movement (DeFi) is one of the forces at the forefront of blockchain innovation. But what makes DeFi apps unique? It’s permissionless, which means that anyone (or anything, like a smart contract) with an Internet connection and a supported wallet can interact with them. In addition, DeFi applications will save users from having … Read more

What is ERC20 Token Ethereum?

ERC20 is short for “Ethereum Requetst For Coment” This technology is an innovation proposed by experts that has just been officially accepted in the Ethereum Network system, and this system has a unique ID of 20. Currently, ERC20 technology will be a unified standard for tokens used on the Ethereum Network platform. Distinguishing tokens using … Read more

What is Wei? 1 ETH equals how many Wei

Wei is the smallest denomination of ether, the cryptocurrency used on the Ethereum network. As the prices of various cryptocurrencies, including ether, skyrocketed in 2017, transaction sizes have become smaller. To accurately denote the number of transactions that may appear to be a very small fraction of ether but of high value when converted to … Read more

What is Gwei? What is gas?

Similar to various small value currencies circulating for real-world fiat currencies such as nickel, coins, and penny, some denominations have become commonplace in the crypto world to indicate values. Different segments of a particular token. With ETH price increasing in 2017, the transaction size has become smaller. Suppose, if 1 ETH = 800 USD, then … Read more

What is the EEA? Learn about Corporate Alliance using Ethereum

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), a consortium coalition that uses Ethereum (EEA) is narrowing the gap between institutions and the applications of public and private blockchain technology. According to the website Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), this alliance is a member-run standards organization whose charter is to develop open blockchain specifications that promote harmony and interoperability … Read more

Why should you consider Ethereum even as a Bitcoiner

If you regularly follow the world of cryptocurrency, you probably understand how special Bitcoin is. Bitcoin is the industry’s first product that it creates. Bitcoin’s specialty is its complete decentralization, no leader, and very specific technical characteristics that make it more scarce than any other asset on earth. For these reasons, Bitcoin will play a … Read more

Things to know about Ethereum development

This article Tobocqa.com will provide an overview of Ethereum’s rise and growth. From its launch to its introduction, Ethereum has gone through a myriad of events and laws enacted from international government agencies. The following 7 contents will open you a worldview from the birth to the comprehensive development to the present day of Ethereum. … Read more