IEO List Airdrop – Get free Coinwaycan (CAN)

Coinway group of companies has embarked on its ambitious dream to step into the world of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency trading.

We offer our clients leveraged trading by investing their funds in digital assets and traditional financial markets. As one of the leading commodities traders, we have realized that investors need to have a secure and profitable platform to trade in cryptocurrencies with absolute ease. Coinway Exchange and Coinway Coin (CAN) is the ultimate result of that dream and vision of its CEO Mr. Sulfikker who began the official operation in 2019. For more than a year, we have been advising and helping out clients in selecting the right portfolio, investing their funds, and trading with confidence.

As an investor, you get to choose from our various financial portfolios such as cryptocurrency exchange and currencies, commodities trading, real estate development, hospitality, and healthcare and thus diversify your funds.

Instructions to get free CAN on Latoken

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IEO Get free 50 VIC Tokens – Equivalent to 5 dollars for joining the IEO

Welcome to IEO by Latoken VIC Airdrop. Get 50 VIC tokens ~ $ 5 by completing social tasks and answering quiz questions!

Eligibility for the IEO Crypto

Register an account on the Latoken exchange: then verify your account (at Tier-2). => Video tutorial how to do Tier-2 KYC Verification on LaToken Exchanger account.

Join the Crypto IEO and receive 20 VIC

Hey, get 20 VIC tokens and spread great technology. It’s free, very easy, and powerful. Share this link to get 20 VIC ~ $ 2 for each of your friends join!

Why would users participate in the Crypto IEO

If you are already a member of an exchange, then you can join the Crypto IEO without registering another platform or through KYC / AML at the launch site.

Easy market access

With the Crypto IEO, your new tokens sit right next to your existing tokens in your wallet, making it easy to transfer balances between accounts and access the broader crypto market.

Participating in ICOs has reduced risks

ICOs can be risky – especially if you spot scams online. If you are a member of a legally reputable exchange, it is unlikely that they will host scams, no one would be foolish to trade a small benefit to lose their business.

Not STOs, it’s the Crypto IEO that is the perfect replacement for ICOs

There is no perfect crowdfunding mechanism. Over the past decade, we have seen the proliferation of crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. In the last year, we have seen a proliferation of Crypto ICO and IEO offerings. We have learned that there is no perfect way to raise funds for large sums of money.

However, as we have learned today, IEO services come with a number of unique benefits. It can be said that, in the coming future, the IEO is the highlight of the market, it will be a positive agent for the market, gradually replacing ICOs rather than STO (security token. ) Due to the difficulty of the current STO approach, the legislation in this area is unclear and uncertain.

Recently, an STO in Singapore was halted for violating the STO’s “ad ban” policy, when the project only posted one post on their Linkedin page. STOs are required to determine the legal status of both the seller and the buyer and comply with securities laws, and … of course, that is something a startup is difficult to comply with and the buyers themselves do not like to offer. Their personal information by the tax issue they have to pay is huge when the profits x5 x10 they earn.

Why would an exchange be launching IEO Crypto? What are the benefits for Floors?

Nothing is free, this is a win – win problem for floors and projects, and the benefits include:

Attract new users

There are thousands of users interested in its startup and technology. These users haven’t registered your exchange yet – but they do when you launch the IEO Crypto.

Good marketing

If your exchange has a history of hosting high-quality, legal, crypto IEOs and projects, then this is great marketing for your exchange. When projects promote their Crypto IEO, they always mention you in their expensive PR articles, so you are being promoted by them… free. All of them benefit.

Extra fees

Crypto IEO hosting is a great way to further increase transaction fees on their exchange. The exchange also charges fees for startups.

Coin exchange increased

When the exchange is listed as a form of trading, those wishing to buy will pay more attention to the exchange’s coin, if the IEO Crypto is successful, the floor coin price will definitely benefit. After the BTT Crypto IEO, the BNB coin also increased by 75% in the month.

Why Choose Crypto IEO: Benefits for Startups

For investors, it really doesn’t matter if you are participating in an ICO or Crypto IEO. In either an Crypto IEO or an ICO, you will go through AML / KYC certification and send cryptocurrency to an address in exchange for tokens.

For developers, however, IEOs can offer significant benefits – and that’s why a large number of developers are opting for IEOs. Benefits include:

Exchange automatically listed coins

Many startups have completed an ICO, only having trouble trying to list their coins at an exchange. Exchanges are notoriously greedy when it comes to coin listings. For large exchanges, listing fees are no less than $ 1 million, and there are exchanges that charge up to $ 6 million. This is impossible with pepper projects.

With theCrypto IEO, you know your tokens purchased will be listed on an exchange right after the sale. You have a solid guarantee for the liquidity of your coin, and especially do not have to wait when the exchange list or ask which exchange is admin “when to exchange?”.

Access exchange’s current user base

Some of the largest exchanges have millions of users. When it comes to IEOs, startups will have immediate access to that huge user base. You can reduce your marketing costs because your market is right in front of you. If you choose the right transaction and that user base continues to grow over time, the transaction activity in your token may also continue to grow. They also assist with marketing by sending emails or tweeting notifications about your own Crypto IEO. Recently, Binance has helped BTT a lot in this issue, as a result, after being listed on the floor x10. FET costs almost no marketing coin at all, all of which are advertised by Binance.

Better credibility

When you have to send money to a random website and wallet to participate in an ICO, that can be a little tricky. However, with IEOs, you can trade directly with exchanges you know and trust. This gives more credibility to the project. Startups can avoid being labeled a scam, as the scam has been eliminated.

Avoid whale discharge

Too many ICOs go a similar path. Whales enter pre-sale stage at a discount. Then the whales sell their tokens when the market opens. Even if they sell at a real ICO, they still make up to 50% profit. This, of course, puts downward pressure on prices in the market, drowning any dream of shore. You will be forever in “remote island place …”. The Crypto IEO doesn’t prevent this from happening, but it can help reduce price manipulation.

How to Invest in a Crypto IEO Project

Today, most blockchain startups continue to fund their projects through ICOs. Crypto IEOs are relatively rare. Usually, the development team or startup will announce whether they are conducting a crypto IEO or an ICO.

Research which platforms will participate

Sometimes, only one exchange will participate in the IEO. In other cases, more exchanges will participate. It is advisable to pay attention to the coins accepted by major reputable exchanges in the world, because before they agree, they had to study very carefully the project to avoid scams, affecting their own reputation, that is, You have a reliable preliminary round.

Register on an exchange

You need to know which exchanges are participating in the IEO ahead of time so that you can complete registration at each. You will likely need to complete KYC / AML verification when exchanging, and registration can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

Research which cryptocurrencies will be accepted

BTC and ETH are the two most commonly accepted cryptocurrencies at ICOs and crypto IEOs. However, some exchanges will use the crypto IEO as an opportunity to promote their own native tokens. Find out what cryptocurrencies will be accepted before the deadline. For example, the last sale of BTT, TRX and BNB are the only two coins used for trading, which is also the factor that made these two coins fly more than 100% in the past 1 month. With the FET, only BNB is accepted.

Wait for the crypto IEO to start

Crypto IEOs, like ICOs, will usually have a specific start time. Wait for the start time to get started, then send your desired amount of cryptocurrencies to the exchange. You will receive tokens for trading. But be aware, it will be difficult to buy a crypto IEO, the BTT sale only takes 15 minutes (due to a server error of Binance) and the FET sale takes exactly 22 seconds to complete the sale of $ 6 million.