Dapper Labs Cryptokitties are making a resurgence in action

The data collected by The Block Research shows an ongoing Uptick activity on Cryptokitties, the longstanding collectible game built on the Ethereum blockchain.

For comparison’s sake, the resurgence was near the heights of network congestion in 2017, when the cat-trading craze on Cryptokitties exploded that paralyzed the entire Ethereum network for some time.

Weekly data indicates that Cryptokitties are looking for more uses than from April 2019.

Weekly trade volume data also illustrates a ramp in activity, reaching $ 1.83 million for the week starting Feb. 28.

Cryptokitties launched in 2017, the brain of Dapper Labs, the company that develops the Flow blockchain.

According to the data on the chart, NFT activities are being dominated by another Dapper Labs product, NBA Top Shot.

As Tobocqa Crypto Magazine reported, Dapper Labs was raising $ 250 million in a new funding round last month. Last August, Dapper Labs raised $ 18 million from ICO Flow on the Coinlist platform.

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