How to Invest in a Crypto IEO Project

Today, most blockchain startups continue to fund their projects through ICOs. Crypto IEOs are relatively rare. Usually, the development team or startup will announce whether they are conducting a crypto IEO or an ICO.

Research which platforms will participate

Sometimes, only one exchange will participate in the IEO. In other cases, more exchanges will participate. It is advisable to pay attention to the coins accepted by major reputable exchanges in the world, because before they agree, they had to study very carefully the project to avoid scams, affecting their own reputation, that is, You have a reliable preliminary round.

Register on an exchange

You need to know which exchanges are participating in the IEO ahead of time so that you can complete registration at each. You will likely need to complete KYC / AML verification when exchanging, and registration can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

Research which cryptocurrencies will be accepted

BTC and ETH are the two most commonly accepted cryptocurrencies at ICOs and crypto IEOs. However, some exchanges will use the crypto IEO as an opportunity to promote their own native tokens. Find out what cryptocurrencies will be accepted before the deadline. For example, the last sale of BTT, TRX and BNB are the only two coins used for trading, which is also the factor that made these two coins fly more than 100% in the past 1 month. With the FET, only BNB is accepted.

Wait for the crypto IEO to start

Crypto IEOs, like ICOs, will usually have a specific start time. Wait for the start time to get started, then send your desired amount of cryptocurrencies to the exchange. You will receive tokens for trading. But be aware, it will be difficult to buy a crypto IEO, the BTT sale only takes 15 minutes (due to a server error of Binance) and the FET sale takes exactly 22 seconds to complete the sale of $ 6 million.

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