Ripple develops the legal department and joins the Blockchain Association

Ripple has just announced additions to its global legal team and the company will join the Blockchain Association.

On October 22, Ripple informed in a blog post, four new members of the global legal department based in Washington D.C are Craig Phillips, Michelle Bond, Ron Hammond and Susan Friedman. In it, female lawyer Michelle Bond will join the Blockchain Association.

Financial legal members

Mr. Phillips served as a secretariat adviser to the US Treasury Department under government order 13772, a presidential executive order setting a series of standards for the management of legal activities affecting the financial sector. major, as well as promote economic development. At Ripple, he is an advisor on strategic regulatory opportunities.

Prior to Ripple, Ms. Bond was the head of global blockchain policy and legal and community policy at Bloomberg. She is a senior attorney at the Securities and Exchange Commission as well as the US Senate Banking Committee.

Friedman is a senior adviser to the CFTC president, Heath Tarbert, as Secretary of Treasury Assistant to the International Market. At Ripple, she serves as an adviser to international policies. Ron Hammond joins Ripple as a relationship manager with the government, having previously served as a legislative assistant for electoral representative Warren Davidson.

Ripple returns to the “race”.

Joining the Blockchain association helps Ripple have more relationships with many managers, helping to “lobby” better. The association is a non-profit organization consisting of blockchain advocates wishing to promote the application of blockchain technology globally.

According to recent information, Ripple has just entered a new phase when merging its three services, xRapid, xVia and xCurrent, into RippleNet. The company believes that moving from multiple services into a network for customers is part of the company’s strategy, based on the development of its user base and surrounding standards.