T-Rex: Crypto community’s right choice?

Crypto market in the beginning of 2019 so far has been very volatile, many exchanges have declared shutdowns such as Bitsane, Coinexchange, and many other crypto exchanges, for reasons that cannot find people. use. But not so that the Crypto market is less attractive. Evidence is that the race to occupy market share from domestic and foreign exchanges is hotter than ever.

In the race to gain market share, T-Rex Exchange is one of the most active and dynamic exchanges. Following T-Rex from April 2019, they have gone through 6 months of operation and have more than 39,000 users. In addition, T-Rex has 4 updates adding new unique features. This rather impressive figure shows their seriousness towards the market.

According to the latest announcement we update from the T-Rex news site:

“On October 15, 2019, T-Rex officially lowered the transaction fee on the floor from 1% to 0% for all Prestige users and users who have completed KYC”.

The advantages of T-Rex Exchange:

Secure transactions with P2P platform

  • Free transaction for KYC users
  • Diversify payment methods
  • Constantly updating new features
  • Regularly organize Airdrop on the floor and Fanpage
  • Support team quite quickly
    User-friendly interface.

However, it has the following disadvantages:

  • Not many coins yet (mainly USDT, BTC and ETH)
  • T-Rex’s criterion is to be safe, so they won’t apply VND wallet on the floor
  • KYC is difficult

Overall review T-Rex Exchange is an easy-to-use OTC exchange and very good transaction fees (0% for KYC users). However, because VND wallets are not applied, buyers and sellers will transfer money directly through each other’s bank accounts, not through the exchange.

Let’s wait and see what the emerging dinosaur T-Rex will do in the near future.

  • Exchange: http://bit.ly/TRexFreePhiGiaoDich7
  • T-Rex Exchange Official discussion group: https://t.me/T_RexOfficialGroup
  • T-Rex Exchange Official news channel: https://t.me/T_rexOfficialChannel
  • Website tracking news: https://news.t-rex.exchange/en/home-2/

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