What is Bitcoin: Asset, Currency, Commodity or Rare?

As I pointed out in my recent post on cryptocurrencies in general and Bitcoin in particular, I can assert my disagreement over the harsh criticism and sharp proposals surrounding this issue. . Contrary to Jamie Dimon, I do not believe Bitoin is a scam in which only fools buy and pay the price for their … Read more

Why billionaires are suddenly accumulating Bitcoin after 113% YTD gain

Billionaires have been increasingly accumulating Bitcoin in recent months as four main factors are making BTC increasingly attractive to money managers. Ads Billionaires have been increasingly accumulating Bitcoin (BTC) in recent months. Following Paul Tudor Jones’ lead, hedge fund manager Stanley Druckenmiller became the latest billionaire to publicly disclose his Bitcoin investment. The performance of … Read more

Why does the legal action against BitMEX and hacking KuCoin have no effect on Bitcoin price?

Everyone knows the BitMEX situation after CTO Samuel Reed was arrested on October 1. The implications of this are enormous, however, the traders’ perspectives give us a different perspective. Ads OI on BitMEX decreased before the exchange was ‘touched’ by authorities. However, for now, the OI has decreased enough for its competitors to take its … Read more