Bitcoin and Taxes

Taxes are a complicated matter with many rules for determining what kind of income is taxable, what is not, and which assets are subject to inventory. Meanwhile, the cryptocurrency and the government’s stance on it are equally complicated, leading many to question the relationship between Bitcoin and taxes. Ads In the US, for example, you … Read more

Bitcoin price sits at $ 15500 when there are many Bitcoin whales selling

Bitcoin whales sold the highest amount of BTC since March, which is a bullish sign for BTC price based on previous market cycles. Ads The price of Bitcoin (BTC) has reclaimed $15,500 on Nov. 11 after whales sold the highest amount of BTC since March. In the past cycles, the dominant cryptocurrency typically rallied after … Read more

The world’s leading bank issues bonds and can buy them with Bitcoin

China Construction Bank has used blockchain technology to issue the first tranche of a planned $3 billion worth of debt. Ads China Construction Bank has partnered with a Hong Kong-based fintech to issue the first-ever blockchain-based digital security issued by a Chinese financial institution. One of the “Big Four” banks in the People’s Republic of … Read more