Receive 30 CRT tokens, just register, Total supply of 1,000,000 tokens

Receive 30 CRT tokens for free, just register and wait for Ceber to release the Token, the token will automatically return to your Ethereum wallet.

Total supply of 1,000,000 CRT, with a supply like this, when it is listed and distributed in the market, its price will be very high. You refer to the visual instruction video at the end of the article.

CRT will be broadcast on January 20, 2021. This is a great opportunity for first come.

Introducing Ceber

The Ceber Finance team has chosen a new format as an incentive for CRT holders and will distribute 70% of their clear profit from the Ceber Finance Platfrom and the D-Fex decentralized exchange.Each holder receives ETH to the address where he holds CRT tokens in proportion to the amount of ownership of the total number of tokens.ETH will be distributed for holding CRT every Sunday.

Ceber trade | D-Fex Exchange

We are creating a new generation exchange.Decentralization, fast order execution, instant withdrawal processing and various promotions this is D-Fex Exchange.

Instructions for receiving 30 Ceber CRT tokens

  • Create ETH wallet
  • Create a Ceber account:
  • Earn more by visiting the Referral Campaign get the referral link and send it to your friends, each referral you get 5 CRT.
  • Finally, access the Dashboard on click on Withdraw and enter your ETH wallet you created.

Video instruction to receive 30 Ceber CRT tokens