Vitalik Buterin urged users to move to Layer 2 scaling

Faced with recently inflated transaction fees, Ethereum’s founder and lead scientist, Vitalik Buterin, urged users of the second largest blockchain to move to scaling solutions “already available to us. many types of applications ”. Ads Buterin reiterated his enthusiasm for layer 2 scaling solutions, such as “rollups,” which basically means keeping transaction data on-chain while … Read more

These long-term indicators show that Ethereum “has never been any healthier”

The Ethereum network has been under strain in recent months, with the trend of decentralized finance (DeFi) going on fueling a huge demand for the network as traders begin to use non-exchanges. centralized (DEX) and provides liquidity for different protocols. Ads Although network demand has slowed as the frenzy around DeFi has declined, gas prices … Read more