The City of Miami allows companies to pay employees salaries, fees and taxes in Bitcoin

The Miami City Commission successfully passed a resolution proposed by Mayor Francis Suarez allowing city employees to receive partial or full wages in Bitcoin.

Additionally, Miami residents can pay fees and taxes with Bitcoin, which essentially makes Florida’s second largest city, the U.S., the major cryptocurrency hub.

In his video, Suarez expressed gratitude to the trustees for making Miami the “Crypto-forward City”.

“It’s great being a crypto transit city in Miami and I want to thank my committee colleagues for allowing that to happen,” he said in the video.

Suarez’s bitcoin push is part of his effort to turn Miami into the next Silicon Valley as major tech companies are fleeing San Francisco.

Miami could also put its treasury reserves in bitcoin in the future, according to Suarez.

New York could be the next

As bizarre as it sounds, American politicians are currently trying to outdo each other in terms of crypto friendliness as the industry is rapidly growing.

Former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang – who is currently running for the mayor of New York, wants to turn the world’s largest city into a new bitcoin hub.

Meanwhile, Senator Wyoming Cynthia Lummis is urging Yang to “unravel” Bitlicense, which is making it difficult for so many crypto businesses here.

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