The popular Santa Claus service will accept Bitcoin payments this Christmas season

Despite living in the Arctic, Santa Claus spends most of his December traveling the world, appearing at a multitude of holiday-themed exchanges before Christmas Eve. When paying for these rendezvous spots, Santa Claus has long been known to accept tips in a variety of currencies, property and edible dishes. This year Santa added Bitcoin to his list of accepted payment methods.

A global service called HireSanta now allows people to book Santa’s performances with Bitcoin, according to a post on the company’s website:

“There are a number of ways that HireSanta can accept Bitcoin for Santa’s services, you can either send Bitcoin directly to our Coinbase account or you can through Paypal, depending on into how you store your Bitcoins ”.

With the Christmas season approaching, cryptocurrency broker Bitcoin Suisse recently installed two holiday-themed BTC ads at the Zurich Main train station in Zurich, Switzerland.

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