What is Stakingcoin? Which coin should staking?

If you are already in the crypto market, it is certainly impossible not to know a very attractive passive money-making method – StakingCoin. So what is StakingCoin? What are the benefits of Staking? And why do investors prefer StakingCoin?

What is Stakingcoin? Highlights for a new protocol

StakingCoin applies a new POS protocol that contains many advantages over the old protocol

2020 seems to be the year of StakingCoin, as the term is repeated on every cryptocurrency forum. So what is staking that attracts so many investors?

What is StakingCoin?

Staking is the act of holding a certain amount of coin in the wallet or Nodes / Masternodes of a Blockchain project for a period of time in order to receive a reward. This bonus is based on the effort spent including: stake amount, stake duration…

What protocol is staking application?

Staking application of POS algorithm (Proof of Stake) is a consensus algorithm in Blockchain. In which participants will stake their coins to the Blockchain network to validate transactions and create new blocks.

Compared to the POW (Proof of Work) algorithm that created two generations of Blockchain, Bitcoin and Ethereum. POS not only does not depend on bulky, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly machines, but also helps investors to own coins more quickly. Therefore, POS is gradually becoming more popular and promises to become the next protocol to replace POW.

Which coin should staking?

Tron (TRX) is ranked 15th on Coinmarketcap

When choosing projects to stake, you should pay attention to cryptocurrencies with a fixed supply. At that time, the market will maintain a strong need for ownership and help that coin increase in price continuously. And of course, you will also get higher returns.

To do this you must choose the coins that are in the top 10, top 20 on CoinmarketCap. And one of them is TRX.

TRX is a cryptocurrency created by Justin Sun (Yuchen) as the face of Jack Ma’s Hupan University. Co-founder of Peiwo App and Chief Representative of Ripple China.

It’s not that simple that Tron is considered the third generation of Blockchain behind Bitcoin and Ethereum. Dong Tron has advantages that make many famous investors such as Warren Buffett, Jack Ma, … all want to own it. With circulating reserves of 66 billion USD. In which $ 33 billion is potential for StakingCoin and coin minting. Tron has always been evaluated as a coin capable of directly competing with traditional payment systems such as VISA, SWIFT. Making payments with Tron coin more convenient.

Leading the TRX staking trend on the Stakingcoin.co service platform

One of the ways to make a profit from TRX price is “staking”. Because staking itself limits the amount of circulation in the market. As a result, the more demand for ownership increases, their value will also increase.

Seeing an opportunity from “staking” TRX. StakingCoin.co has built the Staking TRX program with attractive interest rates for investors. Providing solutions for investors to join and own digital currencies and increase profits from it.

StakingCoin’s platform will help investors and organizations get a passive income from 100% – 180% annually through the form of deposits.

Thanks to the application of the POS protocol (Proof of Stake) by StakingCoin, investors do not need to spend the cost of investing in highly configurable, expensive machines to dive into the war of mining. All you have to do is stake coin right on your wallet.

Not only that, StakingCoin also provides high-performance servers, broadband and advanced network topology that allows up to 99.9% real-time display and rapid block generation. This is the greatest advantage that helps StakingCoin outperform any staking project.

Therefore, when staking coins at StakingCoin.co, you will get a much more attractive profit. It can be affirmed that investing in StakingCoin is a capital of four words: the profit from the investment package, the direct commission, the branch commission, with the promotion policy are extremely attractive objects such as: Hublot watches. , Madza car, villa, … Accompany it is profit from the price increase of Tron (TRX) – reward from staking coin. When Tron staking takes place, it is certain that the price of Tron will double or triple in the future. Investors can take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to make a profit.

You think that’s all?

Be prepared for a storm of money from StakingCoin. In addition to the profits listed above, you will receive a bonus from the StakingCoin start-up program with rewards worth up to $ 2000. Up to now, it is rare for a staking project to bring such huge profits. This proves the real growth potential of StakingCoin. Ensuring your capital investment will always yield “automatic” returns.

TRX staking will bring great advantages that you cannot ignore. Even as a new investor, staking is also a way for you to gain attractive passive returns. Remember, investing staking requires patience, patience, and patience. The more patient you will get the reward you deserve.

Do you want to be financially free, do you want your wallet to increase every day. Then StakingCoin is a great choice. StakingCoin is a method that helps you to have extra “passive income” easily. If it were you, would you sit still at this wonderful opportunity?

Become the first investors of StakingCoin. To find out more about the project, visit the official Staking Coin media channels as follows:

Website: https://stakingcoin.co/
Youtube: https://bit.ly/32pNGiz
Telegram group: https://t.me/stackingcoin
Fanpage: https://bit.ly/2vvE6yt

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