Why decentralization is vital to Bitcoin

We often refer to the concept of decentralization when it comes to Bitcoin, Dash or other cryptocurrencies, but how important is it? Why is decentralization so important? What proves that decentralization will be the next step in the evolution of networking technology? This article would like to share with you about the developments from politics, product, business… to technology going from centralization to decentralization.

We all know that technology is invented by humans to serve human needs. So blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, too, are designed to meet the needs of people, where financial needs are guaranteed against the risk of being dominated by powerful organizations. small individuals who feel insecure and suffer losses relative to their many years of work.

History of the Internet also shows us that the Internet was invented by the US military for the purpose of ensuring uninterrupted transmission of information whether the information center is under attack or some communication lines are affected. cut out. By inventing an information network model instead of being transmitted directly like a landline, information is divided into small packets and sent in any way. Therefore, if some connection lines are broken, the packets will find their way in the other direction to get to the destination. And then the Internet was used in civilian and became popular all over the world. However, the Internet is not yet complete, if for some reason people block firewalls like the Chinese side, the cloud cannot communicate. Therefore, the advent of blockchain technology to solve the problem and the network technology becomes more decentralized.

It’s not just about technology. World history shows that mankind has also continually changed political models to make people’s lives safer, more free, and humanity is more developed through decentralization.

Ancient Egypt where power was concentrated in Pharaoh

In ancient times, in ancient society, the king was the one with the supreme ruling power, and all power and interests concentrated in the hands of the king, then the mandarins, so ordinary people’s lives suffered a lot. imperceptible. It is that concentration that makes it very difficult for ancient societies to develop and develop relatively slowly.

In Europe, where power is concentrated not only on the king, but also shared with religious leaders, and the upbringing of churches reduces the king’s power. In Europe, they emphasized the authority of God, and morally reduced the authority to focus on kings, so European society, though developing later, quickly grew and outstripped the Asian countries in many ways. Europeans in a short time have invented many scientific and technological innovations such as steam engines, electricity, and then industrialized while Asian countries were still very backward and colonized of Asia. Europe.

Meanwhile Asia, where absolute power rests with the kings. The king of Asia on behalf of God should hold all the power to kill, the officials used by the king to rule the people become corrupt and the government apparatus is corrupt and ineffective. Meanwhile, the people cannot have any power to oversee the power of the mandarins and the king. Because there is no control from the people, according to the Confucius philosophy that imposes the thought that everyone must obey the king, then teachers, then father, not for people to have their own opinions, so all creative ideas have living land.

In ancient Europe, the value of decentralization has been recognized and the signs of a republic have been established. This made Rome flour

ish and become powerful.

Then, due to its openness to liberal ideas, Britain was the starting point for values ​​of human rights, so British society rapidly developed and Britain was at the forefront of the first industrial revolution.

And America, the destination of even more liberal European separatists, established a federal state where power was not centered on the president, or Congress, but divided into three branches. is executive (government), judicial (court), and legislative (parliament). America is even more decentralized than state governments so that power is less centralized than the federal government. Police in America are also decentralized, the United States does not have a police department, but only a federal investigative agency called the FBI. And the police, the more powerful, have been further decentralized. Allows each city to have its own police forces.

Not only the decentralized state structure, but the United States also decentralizes power by ensuring the rights of the people to be stronger beyond rights such as freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom of the press, freedom of religion,… but also guarantees the right to use guns. It is such decentralization that, if America has an incompetent president, the damage to the American people is not great. Moreover, if America emerges a dictatorial leader, the people can easily connect with each other by using the freedom of association, freedom of speech, freedom of the press … to depose him. peace. If not, the people can still use guns to remove him or oppose his army. As a result, America became strong and retained that strength even though its opponents alternately strengthened and weakened, America still retained its strength.

In free countries where decentralization is higher, they do not have to worry much about corruption. They do not need to fight corruption much, but corruption does not have a living land. In contrast, in countries where there is not much decentralization but power is concentrated on a dictatorial leader, or a totalitarian party, the power that concentrates too much will cause arrogance and greed. corruption continues to multiply.

Until now America may have more freedom than any other country in the world, but that is not enough. American corporations have too much power, especially bankers. Bank tycoons can collude with the political world and they can issue more money making the pockets of the people less valuable. It is a sophisticated way of rape that few people think about.

But people who study economics, technology and freedom love have continually sought solutions to that problem. So blockchain technology was born to counter the power concentrated by the banking tycoon. Decentralized blockchain technology allows each person to have control of their own finances, even allowing the individual to become their own banker or co-owner of a community bank like the Dash model.

Decentralization is an important concept very close to freedom, it guarantees freedom. It is the new freedom that ensures that new ideas are not thwarted, that helps innovations, new creations and makes development. If there is no freedom, power is concentrated on one person or a group of people, those people always want to extinguish anything that threatens their unique power.

If a cryptocurrency has been lost by decentralization, sooner or later its power to drive development will be lost and its value will weaken.

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