Why would an exchange be launching IEO Crypto? What are the benefits for Floors?

Nothing is free, this is a win – win problem for floors and projects, and the benefits include:

Attract new users

There are thousands of users interested in its startup and technology. These users haven’t registered your exchange yet – but they do when you launch the IEO Crypto.

Good marketing

If your exchange has a history of hosting high-quality, legal, crypto IEOs and projects, then this is great marketing for your exchange. When projects promote their Crypto IEO, they always mention you in their expensive PR articles, so you are being promoted by them… free. All of them benefit.

Extra fees

Crypto IEO hosting is a great way to further increase transaction fees on their exchange. The exchange also charges fees for startups.

Coin exchange increased

When the exchange is listed as a form of trading, those wishing to buy will pay more attention to the exchange’s coin, if the IEO Crypto is successful, the floor coin price will definitely benefit. After the BTT Crypto IEO, the BNB coin also increased by 75% in the month.

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