Why would users participate in the Crypto IEO

If you are already a member of an exchange, then you can join the Crypto IEO without registering another platform or through KYC / AML at the launch site.

Easy market access

With the Crypto IEO, your new tokens sit right next to your existing tokens in your wallet, making it easy to transfer balances between accounts and access the broader crypto market.

Participating in ICOs has reduced risks

ICOs can be risky – especially if you spot scams online. If you are a member of a legally reputable exchange, it is unlikely that they will host scams, no one would be foolish to trade a small benefit to lose their business.

Not STOs, it’s the Crypto IEO that is the perfect replacement for ICOs

There is no perfect crowdfunding mechanism. Over the past decade, we have seen the proliferation of crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. In the last year, we have seen a proliferation of Crypto ICO and IEO offerings. We have learned that there is no perfect way to raise funds for large sums of money.

However, as we have learned today, IEO services come with a number of unique benefits. It can be said that, in the coming future, the IEO is the highlight of the market, it will be a positive agent for the market, gradually replacing ICOs rather than STO (security token. ) Due to the difficulty of the current STO approach, the legislation in this area is unclear and uncertain.

Recently, an STO in Singapore was halted for violating the STO’s “ad ban” policy, when the project only posted one post on their Linkedin page. STOs are required to determine the legal status of both the seller and the buyer and comply with securities laws, and … of course, that is something a startup is difficult to comply with and the buyers themselves do not like to offer. Their personal information by the tax issue they have to pay is huge when the profits x5 x10 they earn.

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